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IT Solutions for the Maritime Industry

Our customers business is our driving force and by providing advanced but still simple IT solutions, we want  to increase our customers’ productivity and profit.

We still believe there is always room for improvement. We do that by working harder and are always eager to learn.

Why our customers buy


  • They understand the value and what they are buying.

  • They see a difference in us and see us as a valuable resource

  • Our services fit their needs and organization.

  • They are comfortable doing business with us and trust us.

Services for the maritime industry

We make advanced solutions simple to use 

Our Services

RMM Remote Monitoring & Management

No one loves juggling multiple pieces of software.  RMM gives you a comprehensive set of tools to efficiently secure, automate, maintain, and improve IT in a single dashboard.

Courier File Transfer

Best described as a file transfer service with parcel tracking.  Status of every file transfer process is reported to a Cloud database. If a failure occurs the file will be automatically re-sent. In addition the process is constantly monitored .  If a more serious problem should occur we will immediately be notified by the system.

Excel tools for Star IPS

Excel tools for upload data to Star Information and Planning System. Asset management system for the maritime industry.

Partner: Bunkering@Sea

Launched in 2013, is the first integrated web-based platform in its field and aims to provide innovative/optimal network solutions for bunkering through several types of electronic auctions.

Partner: Marine Manager software

Marine manager is a lean collaboration platform for project planning & execution: 

easy to use

save cost and time

keep everyone safe

minimize double work

better documentation


Ready to find out more?

Most of our software services are based upon SaaS and it is possible to implement a free trial version for evaluation.

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