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Courier File Transfer

COPY mode – Copies files from a master Library in the office to a vessel or to  a group of vessels. «Dropbox» like functionality except that its a one way synchronization.

MOVE mode – Moves files from a folder in the office network to a folder on the vessel network and Vice Versa.

The application runs as a Windows Service.  It will continue to operate even if the Server or PC is logged off.

Status of every file transfer is stored on a Cloud Server.  The user can get access to a monitoring portal.

Utilizes The Windows Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) for file transfer.  The BITS service was originally created to support the Windows update service. 

File transfer is WEB based using port 443 (HTTPS), so there is no need to open additional ports on firewalls. 

Priority settings for bandwith utilization: Low, Medium, High or Foreground. When using Low priority only free bandwith is used. 

File transfer will automatically resume if the communication line is lost or after a reboot.

Courier File Transfer runs as Service.  The filetransfer will operate smoothly also on unattended computers like Servers.

Using BITS makes the file transfer very resilient.  It is well suited for communication lines with high latency, low bandwith or unstable connections.

File transfer is WEB based using port 443 (HTTPS), so there is no need to open additional ports on firewalls. All files are Compressed and Encrypted during file transfer.

Courier File Transfer is a fully managed software solution.  We are continiously monitoring the operation.

The user can monitor when the files are actually received on the recipient side. Large files may take several hours to complete on low priority but the monitoring report will show the percentage transferred at any time.

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