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CrewComm WiFi

CrewComm Wifi provides crew Internet access in addition to a range of value added services while ensuring IT security, data, time and cost control. The crew can use any smartphone, tablet or laptop that is connected to the crew WiFi network.

The system is centered around the Linksys WRT1900AC router with modified firmware and allows BYOD [Bring your own device] connectivity to the CrewCommWifi system which provides Crew with the following services:

  • email
  • SMS
  • low data text Chat with interfaces to Facebook, Skype, Twitter, Viber, Google Talk, Yahoo Messenger etc.
  • Web access
  • News in 14 languages

Some of the system benefits are as follows:

  • No software installation
  • Separate crew network from business network
  • Administration portal with multiple options for Internet access cost and usage control, data, time allowances providing free for crew to use limits and pre-paid billing trough data strings
  • An optional web-based data credit generator is available to allow you to define and issue data credits to the crew
  • Online usage statistics from each vessel and crew member
  • One contact point to the crew, independent of which vessel they are located and while they are on shore
  • Web-based announcement board for company news and information to the crew while on the vessels or on shore.
  • Increased system security as access to services is via specific ports, we block unnecessary updates -  apps, programs and OS updates ( only our dedicated ports are open, ports like port 80 is blocked too)