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WEB Support Tool

All customer IT Staff can now have access to their fleet via the new CrewCommCenter web support page. Customers can monitor their vessels, control settings and generate reports for the whole fleet, individual vessels or individual users and obtain statistics on data usage, messages sent and received, etc.

SeaSecure will continue to provide quality support to customers via email or phone as before. The WEB support tool is an “extra” we provide in order to improve efficiency for our customers.

All vessel configurations can be maintained here. Maintenance can be done on individual vessel settings or changes can be applied for the whole fleet. After the desired modifications have been made, a new configuration update file is sent directly to the vessel(s)´ CrewCommCenter server without requiring the Master´s attention.

System usage Reports : individual user, vessel or your whole fleet
  • Numbers of sent/received emails and SMS during a selected period.
  • Recipents' email and mobile telephone
  • User login IDs control.
  • Communication pattern of the vessels.
  • Communication pattern of the users.
  • And more.

See below sample of main reporting page.
Image title
Configuration and maintenance
  • Maintenance of all settings gives full cost control.
  • Configure new vessel settings.
  • Change existing vessel configuration
  • Change whole fleet configuration.
  • And more.

Below, sample of settings.
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