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Free SMS. Free Email. Optimized Web Browsing. Chat. World - NewsCrewCommCenter: the solution that covers all communication platforms. From the leading providers of crew welfare since 2003.

With CrewCommCenter on board, seafarers can stay in touch with family and friends without interfering with the ship's official business mail. For owners, operators and the captains this means less administration, less hassle - and better crew morale. SeaSecure is proud to present its latest. CrewCommCenter service, offering a range of new enhanced features.

Protecting your investment:

  • Use your existing communication platform, no need for additional hardware to use our solution.
  • Keep your existing email system, run your business as usual
  • No investments to start using our solution, just pick and choose among the services
  • offered at a fixed monthly fee.

Value to crew and crew management:

Bridging the gap to the loved ones at home by providing the best tools possible for free.

  • FREE world wide incoming and outgoing SMS
  • (also SMS China) and FREE crew email. Depending on the platform, crew can also chat with their loved ones and browse the web (70% optimized on VSAT)
  • Private and self administering sms/mail accounts. Automatically generated private accounts
  • (email and virtual SMS phone number). Follows the crew as they move across vessels.
  • When crew leave the ship, the account can be used onshore and is automatically re-activated when on a new vessel again. No need to bother captain or IT to maintain private accounts.
  • Unicode support for all languages.
  • The friends and families at home can reach their loved ones on a vessel anytime by email or SMS

Value to IT departments:

No interference with existing communication strategy and future plans.

  • CrewCommCenter lives alongside your existing business solution. Uses your existing satellite links, does not interrupt the business solution.
  • No setting up, monitoring and administering individual crew mailboxes on a constant basis.
  • Full cost control of the amount of data going over the satellite links. Can set per-user limits for both incoming as well as outgoing traffic.
  • High security: Optimized, only pure text in email, sms and chat. No attachments or audio/video allowed.
  • Optimized browser: Provides up to 70 % optimized, secured dataflow, no downloads, no streaming,
  • Online access to usage statistics. Online control of user data allowed on/off the vessel.
  • Online management of black/white lists for web browsing (when enabled).

Free Email
Individual & private mail E-mail and SMS accounts that can be used on any ship and while on shore. Easy to reply E-mail and SMS addresses that work worldwide. Crew send/receive E-mail messages free of charge. A web mail service for use when crew is on shore. Write and receive messages in all languages including Asian, Russian & Arabic characters. Pure text, controlled volume of data.
A company announcement feature where the ship owner can provide news and updates directly to the crew account inbox. Easy to share company information with crew members.

This service is included without any subscription. Pure text only.

Online Chat
The perfect Fleet BroadBand and VSAT solution. No need to download chat clients. Uses ”thin” protocol to chat clients on shore. Crew use their user ID as if they were on shore. Buddy list follows. Only pure text, uses 1 byte per character sent/received with no other overhead.

No audio/file transfer or video. Supports Yahoo, MSN, AOL and ICQ. Also separate chat room and Crew community. Can chat via this room with other crew on other vessels in real time. Controlled usage by setting limits per user.

Free SMS
Crew send SMS and receive messages word wide free of charge. Loved ones receive the SMS on their mobile phones. Sending SMS to the crew member on board works exactly the same way and with the same costs as sending a SMS message to an ordinary GSM phone.

There is no need to insert any user registration info in the text message as every seafarer has their own international SMS number. Supports incoming and outgoing SMS to China.

World news
Premium World News service with news from these countries, automatically updated daily to crew inbox accounts:

International News (English), Philippines (English), English, Chinese (Mandarin), Russian (Russian), Croatian (Croatian), Romanian (Romanian), Ukraine (Ukrainian), USA, India (English), Indonesian (English). Sri Lanka (English), Norway (Norwegian). Choose country/language, only pure text. News archive on the vessel.

Online Browsing
Optimized browser, saves up to 70% of traffic by compressing. Provides a secure internet environment. File downloads, streaming and audio/video are not allowed. Web caching.

Uses dedicated SMSGlobal proxy ports to raise security and performance.