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With CrewCommCenter on board, seafarers can stay in touch with family and friends without interfering with the ship's official business mail.

CrewCommCenter offers a complete set of features as an on board Internet Cafe, but where the ship owner can ensure a full IT secured environment with data and time limits, bandwidth control and satellite transmissions cost control.

  • Free or Pre-paid inbound & outbound E-mails & SMS text messages world-wide
  • Individual & private E-mail and SMS mailboxes that follows crew from vessel to vessel
  • Web-mail access while on shore
  • IMEC and ITF complaint
  • Support of all international languages including Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Russian & Arabic
  • Online chat with Yahoo, MSN, ICQ, AIM & Facebook. Chat for 5 hours for less than 1MB. Text based only chat client block as option, bandwidth settings, max data usage and time limit per crew member per day configurable.
  • Global News features with international and national news provided daily to the crew account 14 multilangual editions
  • Announcement Board that enables ship managers to send internal corporate bulletins to their crew members at sea and while on shore
  • Local Philippines SMS Gateways. Loved ones on shore can send SMS text messages to the seafarers on the vessels world-wide for local rates