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  • Procedure which preserves text legibility while maintaining high visual and color quality.
  • Compresses the files where the zip technology comes to a short.
  • Compresses all common image standards. Already compressed file-formats like JPG can easily be compressed up to 95 %
  • The compression factor can also be manually adjusted/fine tuned in order to achieve any quality/size result. Courier Compressor uses JPEG 2000 and wavelet compression technology to compress photographic images more efficiently than any other available compression scheme.
  • Courier Compressor compresses PDF files at a very high compression rate, maintains image size and preserves good quality using the "mixed raster content" (MRC) layered compression technology. It compresses color scanned PDF down to the same size as black and white TIFF Group 4 images. That is a reduction of 100 times their original size while maintaining superior image quality, text legibility and document size.

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