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Excel tools for Star IPS

Distribute Work Orders:
Distributes Work Orders based on a Work Order. E.g. if you want to create a work order on all vessels you create it on one vessel and the tool will copy it to all vessels. There is also a follow up page to monitor status on the jobs.

Creat jobs from Work Instruction:
Creates scheduled jobs from a Work Instruction. You select a work instruction and vessels/ technical accounts. Click Execute and all Schedules jobs are created.

Move all objects Technical Account:
Move all objects from one Technical Account to another including all properties on the Technical Account.

Identify Material:
Identify duplicate material registrations fleet-wide by adding a unique Company stock number to each. For those who accept many registrations of same material as long as they are identified.

Scan Work Order:
Report work orders with a barcode scanner. With barcodes printed on the work order and consumed material tags, work done can be reported very fast. Improves reporting of consumed material.

Scan Inventory:
Inventory program for a Windows 8 tablet and a barcode scanner. Can be used off-line.

Merge Material:
Merge same material into one. For those who wants to have only one registration of a unique material fleet-wide.

Integration tools:
Import of Crew data from Adonis to Star IPS, import of Crew data from OCS to Star IPS, import of Crew data from OSM's eCrew to Star IPS.

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