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SeaSecure at The Digital Ship Bergen and Hamburg

The Digital Ship is a “niche” event concentrating mostly on the Maritime communication technology, and it is not too big, one never get s“lost”. The whole setting makes it easy to meet the suppliers and socialize with other participants.

The Digital Ship events have been taken place for more than ten years now. One of the ideas behind the Digital Ship has been Not only vendors/suppliers to be invited as speakers, but also customers.

Customers present their experiences after they have implemented new solutions/technology.

Customer experiences can assist company personnel attending the conference to get more objective views on the technology and make it easier to see the “other” side of the coin. It is always useful to hear other user experiences. You want to, as best as possible, to get the whole “picture” or have all the cards on the table before making a major investment.

Of course, as the customer speakers vary in quality, and of course sometimes put “prestige” into their choice of the solution, you do not always hear about the unexpected or less fortunate sides of the chosen solution. After each session, there are possibilities to ask questions.

This can be much improved. Very often, after a speech, the audience is hesitant to ask any question and the moderator is not too supportive to “lose” the audience. One ends up with no questions or very few question.

I think that if one plans for like a 10 -15 minutes Q & A after each session, and actually put it up on the agenda, this would be better. The moderator and speaker could plan for this and the same goes for the audience. The discussion that comes out of the Q & A would make you able to see more of the “whole” picture.

In any event, everybody is responsible for how much he/she gets out attending the Digital Ship by being prepared beforehand. Act upon your purpose for being at the Digital Ship conference.

The Digital Ship conference is not the event where you return home tired with a pocketful of business cards and a suitcase full of literature that you will never look at again