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SeaSecure and SMSglobal launch se@meNow
Se@menow functions as the web mail service for all of SMSGlobal’s 125,000 subscribers using the CrewCommCenter system. The seafarers’ login with their CrewCommCenter ID and password to access
Se@MeNow while they are on-shore leave, or located on Internet connected vessels that do not have the
CrewCommCenter system installed on-board. Family and loved ones can register their own accounts on the
Se@MeNow web site.

Se@MeNow has been designed as a virtual meeting place for seafarers and their loved ones where they can
communicate through video chat, wall updates, photos, files and music sharing. The video chat feature is
optimized for maritime broadband limitations and requires only 35 kbps bandwidth. Se@MeNow also accommodates the shipping companies need to provide information to their crew while at sea
and on-shore.

Having only one contact point they can reach their crews trough the CrewCommCenter system
and the Se@MeNow portal with private E-mails, training materials and newsletters. “Social networking has become one of the most important parts of our daily life. With Internet connectivity becoming more prevalent on-board merchant vessels, a clear trend in communication is access to social networking sites and online chat. These ways of keeping contact with home adds significant value to the on-board communication services.

Se@MeNow has with this in mind been designed to connect seafarers at sea with their families and loved ones on shore, as well as being a connecting point with their corporate headquarters.