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How do you count?
Ship owners have always wanted predictable costs of investments and the usage of the investments. Variable monthly costs are considered as “uncertain” for the budget process. Nowadays, we see more and more satellite communication services offered at a fixed monthly cost. 

Ship owners can more easily evaluate the value of the proposed service for their business. 

The same applies to us at SeaSecure. We have been known for offering crew communication services at fixed monthly prices. Of course these prices are in a much lower division than airtime prices, but all prices count in the big picture for the customers. 

So, when you get fixed prices, how do you count/evaluate the costs? From my point of view, there are 2 different angles or viewpoints to evaluate the prices presented. These 2 different viewpoints are determined upon your feeling and judgement of the offered service and the value it provides to your organization. This leads to either a positive or negative perception of the price. 

1. One wants it to look expensive 2. One wants it to look cheap 

Let me use a real example: Among one of many of our services, Ship owners can provide free worldwide incoming/outgoing SMS unlimited usage for each crew member at a fixed price of $60 USD per vessel per month. Hmm, that sounds cheap, but hey, we got 20 vessels which brings the total to $1200 USD per month for our fleet and $14400 USD for the year. Are we willing to sponsor our crew with this amount of money? 

 OR Hmm, we have an average of 20 crew members per vessel which gives a daily price per crew member of 10 cents. For these 10 cents the crew member can send and receive unlimited SMS during the day in order to keep in touch with family and fiends. And how much have we actually invested in SAT equipment and SAT airtime to provide crew welfare and crew retention? How do we make use of the investment?

There will always be different viewpoints but it is a great advantage that you now get more and more services at fixed cost to evaluate while considering additional services for your company.